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Figures and numbers concerning the group:

6th largest accounting firm in Israel


The Experience:

Extensive experience with all types of firms and corporations

Understanding the features of:

  • Different industries
  • Client bases (importing / exporting / local / more)
  • Tax and auditing rules

The Experience:

Extensive experience with all types of firms and corporations

Understanding the features of:

  • Different industries
  • Client bases (importing / exporting / local / more)
  • Tax and auditing rules

Our Services:


Audit Services

Our audit department is the largest activity base facing our clients. Through our vast geographical coverage in Israel (with 6 offices) and abroad (through our international collaboration partners) and the specialization of our professional staff,  we are able to provide our clients with excellent audit services while utilizing all of our departments, allowing our clients to use us as a one-stop-shop for all of their business needs.


International Taxes and Transfer Pricing

The modern business world is global and many companies manage their activities in different tax territories.  A multi-national company disperses its activities around the globe and must take various factors into consideration: the cost and skills of the employees, politics, government assistance, trade risks, and, of course, tax rates.

Many companies and individuals manage their activities in different tax territories.

  • A company about to begin activities in a new territory or one that is expanding existing activities is advised to consider all tax regulations before making any decisions. Companies should also consider this when there are internal and external changes.
  • The department offers its clients a service package that encompasses/includes international taxes and transportation costs.

Risk Management and Internal Audit Reviews

The Risk Management and Internal Audit Department provides a wide range of services in risk management and control consulting, including:

  • Internal Auditing
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Control and Process Improvement
  • Information Systems Auditing
  • Special Audit Work

Our customers come from public companies, government organizations, real estate, manufactring, education and training, insurance and finance.


National Insurance

The National Insurance Department was established to help Kibbutzim and Cooperate Moshavim fully maximize their rights with the National Insurance Institute on issues such as retirement, stipends and collection.

In addition, the department handles insurance variances and arranges audits on deductions, insurance fees and more.  Service is both individual and personal.

Below are the services offered:

  • Consultation and maximization of members’ rights relating to retirement, stipends and collection.
  • Ongoing communication with the management of the National Insurance Institute and the department heads responsible for special arrangements and law amendments made about collection and retirement issues.
  • Guaranteed reimbursement for amounts overly deducted from outside workers from the National Insurance and Health Insurance for all years.
  • Ongoing assistance and guidance for both managers and new workers in the field, tailored to the needs of the kibbutz.
  • Assistance on National Insurance issues for initiatives during renewal of the kibbutz.
  • Advertising news-briefs and ongoing updates, as well as organizing courses and inhouse training for job positions at the kibbutz.
  • A Project for Maximizing Rights of Members at the National Insurance Institute: A special project run by the department to maximize members’ rights as recommended by the secretariat of the Kibbutz Movement.  The project is running at its full potential and has proven its worth.

Tax Planning and Consultation

  • The department provides tax planning and continuous advisory services to diverse clients.
  • We specialize in mergers and acquisitions.

Specialization in taxation of cooperatives in Israel


Accountancy Services and Management Information

  • We specialize in internal professional services for our auditing teams concerning IFRS and other crucial matters.
  • The department also specializes in providing services to clients, especially public companies, concerning special situations which involve both accountancy and economic consultancy needs.

Energy, Infrastructure and Water

Due to the structural changes in the electricity, energy and water sectors in Israel in general and the Kibbutz sector in particular, MBT established a department that specializes in the energy, infrastructure and water fields.

Accompanying the Kibbutz with all the examinations, establishment, operating and future planning regarding the electricity distribution.

  • Perennial financial plans for electricity distribution firms.
  • Financial analysis of investments in solar energy projects.
  • Consultation regarding regulations and laws in these sectors
  • Financial analysis for finding business partners for developing energy based initiatives.
  • Analyzing the properties of infrastructure, and it uses and feasibility.
  • Encouragement laws treatment in regards to the water discipline.

MBT-Zenovar for agricultural development

The MBT-Zenovar partnership began in 2018. The joint activity creates a well-performed synergy of knowledge and experience in strategic, economic analysis and market analysis in various agricultural sectors in Israel and abroad, with the knowledge and experience in the fields of economics and taxation unique to the agriculture sector.

The partnership was established as a response to the challenges facing the agriculture sector in Israel today.

Our services include strategic analysis and a range of agricultural activity:

  • Strategical and economic analysis for different agricultural sectors, such as cowsheds, field crops, plantations, hen-houses, fisheries – exploring the different alternatives, including mergers.
  • Strategical and economic analysis of field crops and plantations.
  • Economic and market analysis of agricultural sectors with high value, such as medical cannabis, algae, unique agricultural crops, precision agriculture and R&D in agriculture.
  • Strategic analysis of the value chain in different agricultural sectors and the opportunities available for the single farmer.
  • Analysis of different investment opportunities across all sectors of the agricultural spectrum.
  • Market review of agricultural activity in Israel and around the world.
  • Accompanying farms with M&A’s.
  • Financial analysis in water for agriculture, the 27th amendment in the water-law, reduction water allocation for agriculture and carrying capacity analysis of water expenses for vast agricultural crops.

Real-Estate Department

For over 16 years, the Real Estate Department has been providing ongoing assistance to Moshavim and Kibbutzim regarding land management and rights, employment budgets, registration in the Land Registry, expansion, absorption of new members to the association, and more.  All this has been done with ongoing help when dealing with various offices, such as  The Israel Land Authority, Building and Planning Committees, Land Taxes, businessmen, and others.  The Water Department accompanies Kibbutzim, Moshavim, and Water Associations by managing the water, receiving grants for drawing water, settling debts with the authorities and receiving water compensation due to water supply cuts.  All this is done with ongoing help and joint cooperation from the settlement.


Financial & Business Consultation

  • Help raise capital and mergers – purchase and sell enterprises, locate and offer representation before investors, accompany negotiations, conduct value estimations, plan taxes and legal aspects, offer reporting and representation in front of tax authorities.
  • Prepare business plans – planning and ongoing assistance in implementation of the program.
  • Evaluate the worth of companies for purchase and sale and/or admittance or exit of a partner.
  • Perform a Due Diligence examination on financial and business levels prior to purchase activities, including a comprehensive research on the firm.
  • Ensure that appropriate international standards are met through budgeting surplus, cost and employee options.
  • Banking and financial accompaniment – represent and carry out financial arrangements with the financial and banking systems and provide financial solutions to the enterprises.

Perform an examination of financial profitability including pre-development of the project


Encouragement Laws

  • We provide ongoing business assistance and a comprehensive solution package that includes tax plans and financial solutions.
  • We have expertise in activities relating to the Chief Scientist, including obtaining grants from the Ministry of Research and Development for traditional industry, and assistance to new entrepreneurs and industrial investors.
  • Help obtain investment grants for equipment and grants for R & D and take advantage of all available tax benefits.
  • Specialize in representation in front of investment houses and the tax authorities to receive capital grants and tax benefits for preferred and authorized industries.

Pension Funds for Organizations and Individuals

The organization is the bridge between the employee and his future pension and has the power to set up the employee’s pension fund structure to maximize efficiency of the money deposited for social benefits, including unemployment compensation.  Steps taken by the organization have a significant financial effect both on the organization and the employee.

  • Pension consultation for organizations to arrange a pension file structure. This will serve as the correct infrastructure for the employer and employee and track tenders for obtaining improved conditions.
  • Personal pension consultation for an employee to find the appropriate pension plan, deposit tracks and maximize benefits.
  • Check that reports from the various insurance companies state balances accumulated in pension plans correctly, in accordance with the amounts which have been deposited throughout the years, policy conditions, fund regulations, etc.

Small Businesses

The department is synthesizing all of the knowledge accumulated through the group to suit the needs of a small business.

  • Continual assistance to new and independent members, including help in opening files at the various authorities.
  • Bookkeeping services – both double and single systems of bookkeeping, including production of periodical reports, preparing adjustment reports with banks, suppliers, cash, and clients. Reports are also prepared for our clients for the relevant institutions. Bookkeeping is of the highest professional standard.
  • Salaries – Issuing pay slips to staff. This service includes preparing salary slips, transfering and reporting to income tax, national insurance and other social benefit suppliers.
  • Personal reports – Preparation and transfer of all reports required by law. Help prepare and present annual audits, making sure that all expenses have been fully deducted and tax plans have been updated.
  • Capital declarations – Help prepare and present capital declarations.
  • Advice and tax planning – Ensuring that optimal tax plans are up and running for our clients though our professional accounting and legal tools. Tax planning includes regular strategic consultations, from the start-up of the business, throughout its daily operations, until the presentation of the annual audit report.
  • Financial consultation – Prepare various financial responsibilities.
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